CX8: Notice of record date for Dividend payment in cash

- Issuer: CONSTREXIM No. 8 Investment and Construction JSC
- Stock code: CX8
- Par value: VND 10,000
- Stock type: Common stock
- Record date: 16/01/2017
- Ex-date:
+ For T+2 transactions: 13/01/2017
- Reasons: Dividend payment 2015
+ Exercise rate: 4,2% (shareholders receive VND 420 for every shares they own)
+ Exercise date: 25/01/2017
+ Place of payment:
- For deposited shares: securities companies where shares of shareholders have been deposited.
- For undeposited shares: CONSTREXIM No. 8 Investment and Construction JSC on working days (from Monday to Saturday). Securities certificate and Identification Card (original copy) are required. In case of authorization, a proxy with certified seal of the local authority is further requested in addtion to the mentioned above.