Vinavico JSC announces the Board Resolution on dividend payment 2011 by share approved on 12/09/2012 as follows:
• Number of outstanding shares: 9,088,000 shares
• Dividend payment ratio: 5%
• Number of shares to be issued: 454,400 shares
• Total par value of shares to be issued: VND4,544,000,000
• Method of the issue: issuing shares to pay dividend 2011 to outstanding shareholders
• Subject of the issue: outstanding shareholders in the list on the record date of dividend payment 2011
• Resources for the issue: profit after tax according to the latest audited financial report
• Exercise rate: 100: 5 (shareholders receive 5 new shares for every 100 shares they own. The number of shares a shareholder receives is rounded down to unit digit)
• All the shares issued will be additionally listed on Hanoi Stock Exchange