The attractive profit from gold transaction fees has
prompted more and more securities companies to serve as the order
receiving agents for gold trading floors.

The average transaction volume of the gold trading
floor under the Asia Commercial Bank is some 300,000 taels per day,
while the highest trading volume once reached 600,000 taels a day.

The Vietnam Gold Trading Centre has reported the average trading volume of between 200,000-250,000 taels a day.

Other gold trading floors have the average trading
volume of 100,000 taels per day, including Phuong Nam (belonging to
Phuong Nam Bank), Sacombank-SBJ, and Viet A (belonging to Viet A Bank).

The order placement fee set by gold trading floors is
VND 2,000 per tael (investors have to pay VND 2,000/tael in fees when
they place orders, both sales and purchases). As such, gold trading
floors can collect VND 4,000 per every tael traded. The fees alone can
bring one billion VND to trading floors every day. The attractive
profit has prompted gold trading floors to open the operation scale.

It was established just four months ago, but VGB’s
network of order receiving agents has been covering a large area, from
Mong Cai to An Giang.

As the stock market remains gloomy and the gold market
has been prosperous, a lot of securities companies have become the
order receiving agents for gold trading floors, including Indochina,
Gia Quyen, Viet Quoc, and MHB.
In fact, it does not take much time and money of securities companies
to serve as order receiving agents for gold trading floors. The
companies already have their large operation network and good labour
force which they can use for the new business.

Sacombank-SBJ gold trading centre has signed a cooperation agreement with [url="" style="color: rgb(23, 50, 128); text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank">SBS Securities Company to open order receiving agents at ACB’s gold trading centre not only can place orders at ACB’s transaction points, but also place orders online. Nguyen Duc Thai Han, Deputy General Director of