purchasesharesonline.com The stock is *** of four major types of investments, together with cash, bonds and real estate. it carries risks, but it can provide the highest profit. This guide explains how it works, and the risks can be directed to the investor, so that you can decide what type of stock should be relevant and bring certain benefits. in company with the kind of stocks, shares power will bring to the company position. development of electronic commerce, the online business has also developed, thus saving the business has taken immediate interest to share electronic site for the online customers can consult choice. buy stocks online has certain advantages and disadvantages that customers need certain information to nhat.lam smart way to invest how to invest for your stock is a smart client, apart knowledge of company stock shares, the price ... If you buy large stocks, long-standing companies can you receive dividends, but you can not get the growth quickly. how to purchase shares Stocks pay dividends regularly to get a good income or dividends can be reinvested to grow your capital. Dividend income is taxed at a different rate from interest on savings