The stock market has become unprecedentedly gloomy. Securities investors say the stocks are now as “cheap as vegetables”. 105 out of 603 share items listed on both the bourses have market prices below the face values.

T, a securities investor earlier this week came to a securities company to reconsider his investment portfolio. In the first quarter of the year, T purchased a large volume of shares on credit. Now, as the stock prices keep decreasing, he has to put more money into his account, or the security company will have to sell his stocks to take back money.
“I cannot sleep for the last month. This is for the third time the securities company threatened to sell my stocks,” T said.
T’s investment portfolio was once worth five billion dong. However, as stock prices have been decreasing, the values of stocks have decreased by a half. T said he has “blue chips” – the stocks of big insurance companies and banks, but it is very difficult to find buyers nowadays, when the stock prices have become “as cheap as vegetables”.
“The shares are now like waste-papers. The dividends are just 3-4 percent per annum,” he said. Twice T had to put more money into his account (More than 400 million dong) in September in order to keep his investment portfolio.
Trinh Hoai Giang, Deputy General Director of the HCM City Securities Company (HSC), also said that stocks are now dirt cheap. 105 out of 603 share items listed on both the bourses now have the market prices below the face values.
On the HCM City bourse, for example, BAS is now selling at 5800 dong per share, CAD 6500 dong, HVX 5900 dong, MHC 5700 dong, while PRUBF fund certificate 5100 dong, TRI 5100 dong. On the Hanoi bourse, SHC is trading at 6500 dong, SVS 7700 dong, TTC 6300 dong and VTA 4200 dong.
According to .vn, 280 share items are being traded at the prices lower or equal to the book values, including blue chips.
Le C, a big stock investor said that he and many friends of his are “meeting troubles” because of the stock price decreases. They do not want to put more money into the accounts, and also do not want to sell stocks to take back money. They decide to “nourish” the investment portfolios, hoping stock prices may increase one day.
Head of the brokerage division of a securities company has revealed that the number of repo contracts of his company has been decreasing sharply.
“They have withdrawn money to make bank deposits. Instead of asking me to give advices on stock prices, they ask me to help update gold and dollar price information,” the broker said.
He added that securities investors do not make transactions these days. They just keep the wait-and-see attitude.
According to Le Dat Chi, MA, a securities analyst, the average trading value has been very low since the beginning of November, at 700 billion dong per trading session. This shows that the majority of investors have been staying out of the market.
Analysts say the stock market remains gloomy because investors still cannot see positive signs of the macro economy, while there are signs showing that the cash flow will be tightened towards the year end. Securities investors have been advised to keep cash until the signs about development become clearer.
Giang said that HSC has been mostly selling its stocks since the beginning of the year. It continues selling stocks now to keep cash and hopes that it will not take a loss.
According to Le Dat Chi, securities investors now feel insecure. The cash flow is still running into gold, foreign currencies and bank deposits as the deposit interest rates have been increasing.
Securities investors are awaiting information about CPI in November to decide what they have to do next. If the CPI keeps increasing, the cash flow will keep away from the stock market.