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    imported_tvbuyplus Guest

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    imported_nhungtrang3515 Guest
    thank bac stockpro, em down ve roi copy de vao file trong thu muc cai dat C:/progam files ha bac? the con lam the nao de co the xem dc bieu do chart o trong metastock ha bac? va vao dau de load du lieu cua HOSTC nua? mong bac chi giao giup em voi. Em moi xem duoc bang gia cua tung CP 1 cua bang HOSTC thoi

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    imported_nhungtrang3515 Guest

    Stockpro cho cái list này dài quá, advice cho anh em xem hay dùng cái nào, kết hợp cái nào với nhau để đỡ mất thời gian đi nhé.

    Many thanks[[IMG]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG]]

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    imported_thaitrinh0520 Guest
    Đây là danh sách các chương trình sử dụng để phân tích chứng khoán, tôi sẽ post link download sau!

    Advanced Get

    Advanced Get 1.2 RT Build 200 for TS2000

    Advanced Get 1.3 RT Build 320 for eSignal

    Advanced Get 7.8 EOD Build 420

    AIQ Data Transfer Utility Pro v2.13

    •AIQ MarketExpert v2.10

    •AIQ Option Expert 7.3

    •AIQ Trading Expert Pro 7.3

    4.ASCTrend 6.0 Professional

    5.ATS-3200 Trading System

    6.ATS-6400 Trading System

    7.Ayula NeuroIntelligence 2.1


    •BioComp Downloader

    •BioComp iModel v1.0

    •BioComp – MicroPredictor

    •BioComp - NeuroGenetic Optimizer Pro

    •BioComp - Penney Excel for NGO


    10.Bull’s Eye Broker

    11.CandlePower 6

    12.Candlestick Forecaster 2000 FULL

    13.cpFinder 5.03

    14.Data Bull 2.28

    15.DeepInsight V9.5 RT PRO

    16.Delta Graphic v2.88

    17.Dynamic Trader 4.0 build 80

    18.Dynamite Sentimentor v4.0.6

    19.DynaStore for QuoteSpeed ver 5

    20.Dynastore for TAL V5

    21.DynaStore Pro 2.0.1

    22.Elwave 7.1

    23.Essex Futures Pro v3.0

    24.Essex Options Pro v4.0

    25.Elliot Wave Analyzer 4.004

    26.Fibonacci Trader 4.0 R59 RT

    27.Fibo Nodes tm v5.0

    28.Formula 171322182723

    29.Gannalyst Professional

    36.Investor RT 5.9

    37.Jurik - (for Excel)

    38.Market Trader Platinum Build 18

    39.MB Risk Management 10


    •MetaStock 9.1 End Of Day

    •MetaStock 9.0 Pro for eSignal

    Abalone for MS

    Adaptick Powerstrike

    Adaptick Ice 2

    Adaptive Trading Solutions (for MS)

    AlphOmega ElliottWaves 5 for Metastock 8

    AlphOmega ElliottWaves 5.5 for Metastock 9

    Bollinger Bands

    Bolinger Band System 2.0 (MS)

    Equis - Support & Resistance (For MS)

    ERSA - Relative Strength Analyser (For MS)

    ETS Trading System for MS

    Hilbert Cycle TASC for MS

    HPO Indicator for MS

    Fractal Finance for Ms

    Fractal Finance 2 (MS)

    I-Master for MS

    Investors Dream Indicators for Metastock


    Metastock Performance systems plus

    Metastock SpyGlass 2.01 Plugin

    Nisons candlesticks unleashed for MS

    Pattern Recognition Plug-In for Metastock

    PowerPivot Plus for Metastock

    Rainbow (For MS)

    Read Metastock from Tradestation Power editor dll

    ToraTrade (For MS)

    TradeSim 2.2.1

    Triangles 1 and 2 for Metastock

    Walter Bressert Indicator 7 (For MS)

    43.MTPredictor 5 EOD http://www.mtpredictor.com

    44.NeuroHit! 1.0 (Retails $18,000)

    •Neuroshell DayTrader Pro 5.0

    Neuroshell DataXchange API

    Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Net Indicators

    Neuroshell Daytrader Adaptive Turboprop2

    Neuroshell Daytrader Advanced Indicator Set 1

    Neuroshell Daytrader DataXchange API

    Neuroshell Daytrader Neural Indicators

    46.NeuroSolutions v4.32


    48.Omega Prosuite – Tradestation

    •Tradestation 8.1 SP1(3006) + OwnData2.4

    •Omega Prosuite 2000i Platinum

    •ELA, ELS, ELD password cracker

    •Prosuite2000 DevKit

    •Indicators & Plugins


    AATS PHOENIX ES 3M Open Code



    Aberration Plus

    Abraham System and Indicator for TS

    Adaptive Indicators 2.0 for TradeStation 2000

    Amcan Trader Pro for TS (+code password)

    ANDROMEDa - Open Code

    AS S&P Bear & Raptor System – Open code

    ASCTREND 3.51 for TS 8 - Open Code

    Asc trend 303 for TS2000i- Open Code

    ASC Trend 3[1].51 for TS2000i - Open Code

    Atlas-35 System for TS

    ATS-3200 for TS - open code

    AXIOM INDEX Open Code + manual

    AztecTrade System for TS

    Basis II System for TS

    Belly Trader System by John Clayburg

    Bicycle System for TS

    Brain Trading System 7.0

    BWT Zones ES 3.0 (Open Source)

    Cable 24 - Open Code

    Catscan for TS

    Cesar for TS

    Checkmate System for TS - Open Code


    Cobalt ND DayTrading System

    Commando C-3 trading system

    Commando Confirmation Indicators for TS

    Commando II Trading System (for TS)

    Commando Position Trader Commodity Futures Trading System for TS4

    Commando Moneyline Indicators for TS

    COMPASS + NAVIAGATOR + SURVEYVOR – open code www.marinerfutures.com

    Cyclone for TS - Open Code

    Daniel Ferrera T&P Balance System for TS

    Dave Landry Swing Trading (for TS)

    Daybreaker - open code

    Dennis Meyers Indicators

    Dennis Meyers Short Term Indicators v2 and Long Term v4 and 5

    Dennis RSI Trading System

    DiNapoli Indicators

    Divergence Engine for TS (insideedge.net)

    Dollar Trader for TS

    Drummond indicator

    Dynamic Gann Lines (auto) for TS2000i

    Early Bird III Trading System for TS 2000i

    Elder Market Thermometer for TS

    Entry Point 2004 - Open Code

    EntryPoint 2000i

    EpicDynaTrend2000 for TS2000

    ETS Trading System By Michael Mermer

    Euro Metrics & Pound Metrics Systems (advanzteam.com)

    Eurotrader - open code

    Feeder Trader System – open code

    Focal Point 2002 for TS

    GearShift Trading System – Open Code

    Golden SX Trading System for TS2000i

    Helix for TS2k-TS7 - Open Code

    Helix Trading System for TS 7

    Hit and Run I & II (for TS)

    HPO Indicator for TS

    I – Master

    I - Mark for TS

    Impetus Trading System for TS 2000i - Open Code

    Indicia Scalper system - open code

    Indicia Technologies Forex Systems - Open Code

    Indigo Ela (MSX) for TS2000i

    Indigo Walk Forward Trading Strategies (WFX)

    Investors Dream Indicators for TS2000

    Jan Arps - Adam Price reflection bars indicator for TS

    Jan Arps - Crown Jewel Package - Open Code

    Jan Arps - Danton ShockWave Tool Kit for TS

    Jan Arps - Jackson Zones

    Jan Arps - Price Mgnets Indicator - Open Code

    Jan Arps - ProScan S&P Scalping System for TS

    Jan Arps - Steve Woods Cumulative Volume - Float Indicators Open Code

    Jan Arps - Swing-Day Trader’s Tool Kit for TS

    Jan Arps - TT6 Alpha Centauri for TS

    Jan Arps - Universal Swing Analysis Indicator Open Code

    Jan Van Arps TS Indicators

    Jeff Cooper 5-day momentum indicator

    JFC v1.03 - Jan’s Fuzzy System

    Joe Krut’s 12 Ultimate Systems (For TS)

    Joe Kruts Dealer Choice Pro

    Joe Krutsinger - English Channel System open code

    Joe Krutsinger FIB Catcher - Open Code

    Joe Krutsinger - Parrot Trading System open code

    Joe Krutsinger - Quarterpounder Trading Systems for TS Open code

    Joe Krutsinger - SAFER 2005 Trading System - Open Code

    Joe Krutsinger - Time Charger System - Open Code

    Joe Krutsinger Systems

    •Joe Krutsinger - One Trade 2002 for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Position Point for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Prince 2002 for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Queen for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Ranger for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Traders Delight for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Traders Dream for TS

    •Joe Krutsinger - Trio for TS

    Joe Krutsinger - $36,000 worth of Trading Systems

    Jurik Tools for TS8 TS2k-Latest

    Jurik Tools - open code

    Jurik TPO for TS2000

    KC Channel Method

    KC Collction

    KwikPop 4.1 - Open Code

    KwikPop for TS2000i

    LongTerm Trading Systems

    •Anomaly 1

    •Anomaly 2


    •Wave Rider

    Magic Dots Trading System (Open Code)

    Market Profile Indicator for TS 2000i

    MESA 2000

    Mesa-Sierra Hotel for TS

    MiniMax 2 for TS

    MTPredictor for TS

    Mystery System - Open Code

    NATT 2000 (for TS 2000)

    Neural Scope - open code

    Nexgen T-3 ABC Plot Trends Indicator - Open Code

    NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader 2005 - Open Code

    NexGen T-3 Fibs ProTrader October 2006 for TS & Esignal

    Ocean Package by Jim Sloman for TS-Open Code +Manual

    Octane for TS

    OmniCom v5.17 (For TS2000i)

    Opening Trade System for Russell

    Pegasus System for TS - Open Code

    Pretty Good Oscilator for TS

    R Levels System for TS

    R&W MasterSuite FOREX Trading Systems - Open Code

    R-Breaker System (For TS)

    R-Mesa 5 Trading System - Open Code

    RC Miracles 2 ++F Trading System - Open Code

    RC Success 2 ++F Trading System - Open Code

    Roy Kelly Cycle identifier FILTERED

    Roy Kelly Floor Trader Tools 7.1

    Roy Kelly Floor Trader Tools 8 for Ts - Open Code

    Roy Kelly Trend Pro 8 open code

    Ruggerio Indicators (For TS2000i)

    Ruggerio Global Varariables Professional Edition (For TS)

    Ruggiero Stock Traders Toolbox (for TS)

    Scalper Pivot 3.0 for TS


    Sirtrade 2000 for ts 2000i

    Sirtrade 2004 for TS8 + Manual

    Smart Etrades (Full)

    SP_Levels (Full)

    Spectrum System for TS - Open Code

    SqueezePlay & TrendyWendy2000 - Open Code

    Success System (For TS)

    Sunny Harris-DynamicMovingAverage (SDMA) for TS

    Sunny Harris - DMA Histogram Indicator for TS

    Sunny Harris - PHW (Potential Hourly Wage) for TS

    Superb Stocks for TS2000

    Synergy System for TS - Open Code

    TD_Scalper (For TS2000i, TS, Excel)

    THE GRAIL GGO with CASB 1.594

    THE GRAIL Walk Forward Optimzer 1.440

    Trade Cycles v2.0 for TS2K

    Traders International S&P 500 Trading System

    Trading Alchemy Iindicators Open-Code for TS2k TS8

    Trading Magic System for TS Open Code

    Trend Reflection system

    Trend XP System for TS - Open Code

    TrendChannel Pro (for TS) - Open Code

    Trilogy for Tradestation - Open Code

    TS-plugin colection ( more than 150 indicators ) for Ts4 and Ts2000i

    Turtle System for TS

    Unfilled Opening Gaps for TS

    Walter Bressert Indicator for TS

    Walter Bressert Stochastic Indicators for TS

    Walter Bressert’s Double Top Double Botton

    Walter Bressert’s Gap Trade

    Walter Bressert’s ProfitTrader 7.0 for TS


    Zone Trading System

    49.Omnitrader 2005 RT (ARM3-Full Enabled)

    51.OwnData 2.4

    52.Patten Forecaster 2.1f

    53.Patternsmasher 2.08 + lessons + patternbots

    54.Profesional Trade Advisor 5

    •Rina - Money Manager 7

    •Rina - Portfolio Evaluator 7

    •Rina - Portfolio Stream 6.0 incl. Optilogix module

    •Rina - Systems Performance Suite 2000 (Money Manager,Portfolio Evaluator,3D Smart View)


    57.Safir XP 1.5

    58.Tenfore Satelite QuoteSpeed Server 4.7

    60.Tradeguider 2.5.3 RT for Esignal

    61.TradeGuider RT & EOD

    65.TradingBlox Builder 2.0.2


    67.Vantage Point 6.3

    70.Wealth-Lab Developer v4.0.2

    71.Wave59 2.13 RT

    72.WizeTrade 7.017

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    Ngày tham gia
    Oct 2017
    Bài viết

    [quote user="tommy_79"]AE oi can than cai link cua thang stockerabc la virus day. AE can than day. Mia no chu[/quote]

    Tổ cha nhà nó nếu nó chơi đểu anh em! Hehe, nhìn thấy nghi nghi!


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    Ngày tham gia
    Jul 2023
    Bài viết
    Tradestation 8.2 and OwnData 2.4



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    imported_dinhnghiseo Guest

    Bac stockpro oi, bac dua danh sach nay len thi dai qua, AE lam sao biet het ma su dung duoc. Bac co ban patch hoac crack cua Metastock 10 ko thi gui cho toi voi. Lam the nao de xem dc chart cua cac ma chung khoan??? va vao dau de load du lieu cua HOSTC??? bac chi giao giup voi. Thanks

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    imported_dinhnghiseo Guest
    Bác vào đây load ne bác, linh còn tốt lắm !!!

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    Ngày tham gia
    Oct 2017
    Bài viết

    to stockerabc: đồ đểu !!!

    to stockpro: cám ơn bác rất nhiều. bác thật tốt bụng.

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    imported_atuan489 Guest
    Mấy bác nhà ta cứ luyện thành thục MetaStock đi đã rồi hãy nghĩ đến cái khác. Chưa học bò chớ lo học chạy
    To: all . Hàng free luôn được khuyến mãi thêm mấy con trojan hoặc virus vớ vẩn, người thông minh luôn biết cách giải quyết những vấn đề nho nhỏ như thế này chứ không phải lên 4r chửi bới lung tung.


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